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unqbe helps you understand and prepare for the future of work

What is the future of work?

The future of work is about how our work will change over the next few decades as we enter the fourth industrial revolution

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Will my work change too? 

Yes. Very likely. Very rapid technology change over the next few decades will disrupt entire sets of industries and change the way we work. 

How can I prepare?

Active up-skilling is the only way.

Take courses, read extensively, watch podcasts, think for yourself

and keep shaping your career

Start right here!

The CHRO Virtual Tour of Silicon Valley


Coming soon...

Giving a Speech

Our leadership talks are a great way to introduce your top management to  cutting edge ideas around the Future of Work

Leadership Talks


Vinod Melarkode,

Regional Head of Talent, Amdocs

Insightful and engaging talk around liquid organisations. The team asked many questions around the hybrid workplace and the future of work making it very engaging

Aparna Sekhar,

Employee Experience Lead, Cargill

Love the discussion and insights around the future workplace that Dr. Lal took us through. Immense food for thought around building an innovative and productive organisation.

Harmeet Bhalla,

Sales Director India, Reckitt Benckiser

Very insightful discussion around emerging trends of the future workplace. Helped us deliberate the major dilemmas and understand how to integrate business and people strategy

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