About Us

Our Co-founders bring together People and Organisation Expertise (Dr. Shalini Lal), Talent and Leadership Expertise (Papiya Banerjee) and Business and Technology Expertise (Jaspreet Bindra) to build Future Ready Organisations.

A logo story

Our logo is designed to reflect how a shift in perspective can uncube you.


At first glance, our logo might appear like a regular cube, albeit with a few spaces. But then when you look more carefully--it becomes simply two walls, a door and a floor.

Space to grow, space to change.

Which is really what Unqbe is all about. Building future-ready organisations that are free to become what they aspire to be, even when, or perhaps specially when everything around them is changing.

The design was inspired by the great Escher, an inspiration for one of us.

And that beautiful fresh green, that represents new beginnings is a shade called 'Anne of Green Gables', a childhood favourite for the other. 

(Logo designed by Lira Priyadarshini)

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You will find us a very friendly bunch of people. We bring decades of experience in our respective fields to solving challenges for you.

And we also love our fur babies.

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Dr. Shalini Lal
Founder & CEO

Shalini helps build the leadership capacity and organisational culture, capability and design for the future.

She is a PhD in Org. Science (UCLA), MBA (IIM-A), and B.A Hons. Eco (St. Stephens College).

Shalini has over two decades of experience working in both Indian and global organisations in senior roles. She loves to combine her academic experience with real world ideas--bringing both conceptual depth and practical expertise. She has earlier worked in HR leadership roles such as CHRO (Escorts Agri), Director HR (Deustche Bank).

And is the author of 'The Secret Life of Organizations' (Hachette, 2019), and is a regular contributor to HT Mint, Forbes India and Business World.

Papiya Banerjee

Papiya helps build leadership and talent solutions to prepare your organisation for the future

She is an MA (PM &IR) from TISS, Mumbai.

Papiya has over two decades of global experience of working with CEOs and Executive teams.The depth and breadth of her experience, have given her a deep-rooted understanding of the commercial context in which leaders operate, a clear grasp of the responsibilities they shoulder and crucially the gravitas, to command their respect. She is also an experienced executive coach who brings leadership and strategy together in a challenging and collaborative way built on my business acumen and deeper understanding of individual and organization behavior

Jaspreet Bindra

Jaspreet helps the adoption of emerging technologies by businesses preparing for the future

He is a Chemical Engineer and MBA who now works with leading educational institutes such as HBS, ISB in teaching courses on Digital Transformation. 

Jaspreet has worked in very senior roles such as CDO of the Mahindra Group, Regional Director at Microsoft, and COO of Bazee.com, and began his career in the prestigious Tata Administrative Service. 

He is also a well-recognised thought-leader and oft-invited speaker on business and technology.

Jaspreet is the author of 'The Tech Whisperer' (Random House, 2019) which was an instant best-seller and writes regularly for HT Mint.