Spilling the Beans

articles on the future of work


Leading in a Crisis

Leading in a crisis is not the same as leading in other times. Clarity, empathy and values become specially important.

Future of Work

While work was always changing, the pandemic has fast forwarded the future of work.

Liquid Organizations

Liquid Organizations can quickly adapt to their surroundings and have fared better in the Corona crisis.

Good Viruses

While Viruses can cause epidemics, they can also cure diseases, ensure heredity and maybe drive our cars.

Empty Maps

Empty maps help us navigate uncharted waters by clarifying the limits of our current understanding.

Driverless Cars

Driverless cars will change everything as they become more sought after post Covid, they will change our world in more ways that we know.

Ambidextrous Minds

Never before have individual leaders needed to be as ambidextrous. Switching between logic and creativity often and fast.

Immune Organisation

Some organisations will come out stronger than before at the end of this crisis. They would have developed these 7 antibodies. 

Psychological Safety

The secret ingredient in the best teams. Do people feel comfortable sharing their ideas with others? 

Digital Transformation

There are four reasons why Covid will accelerate Digital Transformation.

The Big Reset

We don't just need new physical spaces as we get back to offices. We need new ideas for organisations too.

Education Post Covid

Education will become decentralised with education anywhere and centralised with large brands gaining momentum

The Covid-19 Brain

If your thinking is fuzzy and frazzled--it might be the Covid-19 Brain.

The Great Decentralization

One of the biggest impacts of Covid has been, how it has accelerated decentralization

The Leadership Molecule

Perhaps instead of a solo entrepreneur, what we really need is a leadership molecule.